About us

LinMiTech Trentino is a non-profit-making association that has as its goal the development and stimulation of the use of and training in, amongst its members and the speaking community, the linguistic, digital and new media technologies in the minority languages.

It was established on the initiative of the “Majon di Fascegn” Ladino Cultural Institute which, during the last twenty years, has made major efforts for the creation of technologies and IT resources. Together with the provincial bodies appointed to defend and promote minority languages, it has decided to share with them and to unify and harmonise their own projects with those that are in some way similar and that in the meantime have also been undertaken by them. All in a logic of reusing know-how and avoiding the duplication of expenses and resources. Completing the picture of the founder members is the company CELCT, an expression of the Bruno Kessler foundation (a major international mover in scientific research in the computational linguistics sector) and the TalenT Association, which embraces within it technological (software development) and professional (field researchers) partners as well as those from the world of university tuition.

The Association's offices are based in the Ladino Cultural Institute in Vigo di Fassa.