Why and how to become a member

Why become a member

LinMiTech was created to pool language and technology resources and good practices in linguistic policy. Becoming a member, however, means gaining access to the resources and technology that the association makes available through its LMT system and to contribute one’s own expertise in the field of defending linguistic diversity, linguistic policies and computational linguistics in the small languages sector.

The reasons for joining are many and as well as the most obvious, there are also others:

How to become a member

Membership of LinMiTech is open to organisations, associations and individuals who share in its goals and its mission. Members of LinMiTech concur with users of the software system operated by the association, in the sense that all the members of the association use and promote the system and conversely anyone wishing to access the system has to become a member.

Organisations, associations and individuals wishing to become members can submit their application to the Association, supported by appropriate documentation (statute, CV, projects et similia)  that demonstrates that the prospective member has the ability to make a scientific-operational contribution to the Association’s activities. The Governing Body will assess the application offering a contract of admission that will determine what sort of initial support will be requested (services, scientific or practical contributions -  not necessarily in the form of money). The acceptance of new members is subject to the approval of the Board of Governors.

By signing the contract of admission the new member will have the right to use – in its present status - the LiMTT system. Refusal of the contract of admission will result in a failure to become a member.

Download a draft of the contract of admission from here
(PDF, Italian)