“Majon di Fascegn” Ladino Cultural Institute

The “majon di fascegn” Ladino Cultural Institute, established in 1975 under Provincial Law, is one of the cultural organisations that operates in support of the Ladino community.

Featuring among its statute’s goals is that of collating, arranging and the studying of materials that refer to the history, economy, language, folklore, mythology, costumes and customs of the Ladino people.

The Institute also promotes the dissemination of the Ladino language and culture via the media. It works with schools to promote and develop the teaching of the language and supports the organisation of a permanent adult literacy programme. In the linguistic field the Ladino Cultural Institute has, over the last twenty years, devoted the greater part of its activities to projects aimed at the computerisation and modernisation of the Ladino language, in a framework of cooperation with other Ladino cultural institutions.

Within the context of these projects, for the creation of which the LCI has collaborated with prestigious partners such as the ITC-IRST (Cultural Institute and research body) in Trento, advanced tools have been created for the development and management of lexical and textual resources for the automatic processing of the language.