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The “Majon di Fascegn” Ladino Cultural Institute

The “majon di fascegn” Ladino Cultural Institute, established in 1975 under Provincial Law, is one of the cultural organisations that operates in support of the Ladino community.

The Mócheno Cultural Institute / Bersntoler Kulturinstitut

The Mócheno Cultural Institute is a public body established by the Autonomous Province of Trento with the goal of enhancing and promoting the German speaking community of the Mócheno Valley. .

The Cimbrian Cultural Institute / Kulturinstitut Lusérn

The Institute’s goals those of preserving, promoting and enhancing the ethnographic and cultural heritage of the German-speaking minority of the municipality of Luserna.

the company CELCT S.R.L.

CELCT's goals are the creation of infrastructures and the developing of skills with a view to actively operating in the sector of enhancing linguistic and communication technologies in order to become a point of reference within the sector both at a national and European level.

The TalenT Association

TalenT’s goal is to promote linguistic-information and technology and in particular open-source technologies, with the aim of promoting multilingualism around the world and the internal development of minority languages.

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