Our plans

Year 2011

2011 was the Association’s first year, making its goals those of ‘setting itself up’ and ‘bringing together’ the situations of different members.

  1. The infrastructure was further strengthened with the possibility of accessing to two servers (web and db) placed at our disposal by the Autonomous Province of Trento at its Trento IT server-farm.
  2. Member’s Apps were migrated onto the new servers, the backup policy was introduced etc.
  3. Two new modules were developed to provide increased functionality to the lexicography and spell checking modules.
    • XML output for directed importing into inDesign → immediate production of the work to print.
    • interchange, via XML, of the morphological rules for generating formations (beginning with the entries in the lexicographical databases)

Year 2012

In 2012 the LinMiTech’s development plans will focus on the setting up of a neology / terminology system for minority languages.